Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office
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Lamb and Goat Meats

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Because goat and lamb meats are so delicious, healthy and versatile these products can be found in many different locations. You can purchase fresh, ready to prepare products in grocery stores and farmers markets, have meats custom processed, or enjoy a fabulous meal in many local restaurants.
Find delicious goat meats from these producers:   Find delicious lamb meats from these producers:
Direct Farm to Consumer   Direct Farm to Consumer
Nancy Ogg
Shady Grove Farm
    KY Lamb            
Martin Meadow Farms     Four Hills Farm- Jim Mansfield


Brazos Farm
Jake and Mandy Crider
Paris, KY

  Don Locy
513 607 5315
270 324 3515

Custom Processors:
  Jake Crider
      Debbie's Way Lamb  606-726-9478
Faulkner Meats
226 Taylorsville Road
Taylorsville, KY 40071
    Moore's Family Farm-All Natural Lamb
Andy Joe Moore

Meat Processing &
Slaughter House
258 Halsey Lane
Pine Ridge, KY
606-668-7313 or

Hazelbrook Farm

3707 Stilesville Road Science Hill, KY

Phone: 606-875-3976

       Find delicious lamb meats at these retail locations:
    Marksbury Farms Market  

    Whole Foods Markets
    Good Foods Market
       Boones Butcher Shop  
      Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Sahara International Market  
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